Pacific Blood and Cedar Bones

The first few weeks are behind us and we truly couldn’t have asked for a better response from everyone. We sold out at our retail store and our online store has been blowing up as well. We took some time to reflect on why things have gone so well and seems it comes back to the place we call home! If you live on the Island, you know why. If you’ve visited the island, you know why. This place is supernatural. Everything about it inspires us, and we think that’s reflected in our design work and the vibe we put out. RSDK captures the Island life in a new light. Looking forward, we’ve got some amazing collaborations ahead, we have new retail stores to announce, and we think you’ll be surprised and stoked. So from the bottom of our heart which pumps cold pacific ocean to the marrow of our cedar bones, we thank you! Our tribe is growing everyday and we couldn’t be more grateful. Keep it unreal, RSDK.